May 22, 2012


Were they going to dash from such a grim place?” He asked himself hopelessly. And then, unexpectedly, Luis took his filthy hand and a groan was pronounced from the deepest place of his throat:
I slept with your mother” he shouted in a loud tone.
These six words, vocalized in a horrible way made Jes tremble with fright.
For God's shake!” Jes cried out. “Are you deranged?”.

At this point of the story the author must explain some details which will help the reader make a clearer and vivid idea of the scenery. It was nightfall, the wind was blowing fiercely between the dullness windows and the rat, from the second line of the first paragraph that's now missing, was eye bleeding because of the novelist's insane imagination.

It was a fact nobody could deny that the haunted house turned people who invaded it to madness. Again, Luis repeated the sentence with harshness:
I slept with your fucking mother.”

This time the vile words produced a panic feeling on Jes. He was at the edge of paranoid. He could commit a horrible crime against his friend. He could see it clearly. Deeply and nastily shocked he would had liked not to come inside the house that afternoon. But now it was too late to change this. It was evident that Luis had fallen into evil ways. He now assumed that the fact of getting out the house safe and sound wasn't worthless. It was only under his own behavior. He had to control his temperament and persuade Luis in order to help him leave the dark side he was into.
Jes talked to his friend in a firmly and calmed way:

Come on dad, let's go home.”

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