May 21, 2012


Imagine a world free of power. No electricity to run our electronic devices at home nor at work. The result would be a science-fiction world completely different from the technical one we are used to. The lack of energy would lead our society to struggle for it and governments would have to tackle the problem seriously.

Well-known is it that great corporations who own energy resources rule the world. Nobody could argue the fact that politicians nowadays are used by companies as benefactors.

Being conscious of this huge problem is gradually achieved by society. Little by little awareness is growing among citizens. Non-governmental organizations, non-profit associations, trade unions and residents associations are creating nets to spread ideas in order to fight against corporations that manipulate our lives and make profit and money from us.

First of all, the main goal would be to reduce consumption. Secondly, it would be of great importance for us to consume by thinking about sustainability and bearing in mind helping local economies. This would be an important step to start solving the problem. And last but not least: reuse before buying and always recycle if you can. So the target would be triple.

As the African saying goes: “Many small people in many small places, doing little things can change the world”

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