Mar 6, 2012


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this character reference letter recommendation for my friend Sonja Johnson which I had the pleasure to meet ten years ago at The Annual Tourist Convention. Since then, we have been in contact and have worked closely whenever our companies have decided so.

Because of her experience as a hostess, she is naturally sussed, always acting comfortable dealing with aspects such as contacting people or socializing among different kinds of groups. She possesses an outgoing character feature: she is kindly in manners.

In addition to all this, she has a remarkable historic and cultural background and knowledge. She studied History . She has got her Barcelona University bachelor's degree. Her final thesis was about “Roman culture in Mallorca” for which she received a “cum laude”.

Another aspect I would like to highlight is her hard-working attitude which is combined with an affable way of doing it. These two features makes her fit properly in either a team or enable her to create a new high-spirited one.

I am conscious that her age (almost 56) could be a drawback but, nevertheless, she is extremely youthful and I'm sure she will be more capable and more proactive with tourists than younger candidates.

For these reasons, I am more than confident about Sonja. She is the perfect candidate to occupy the position of a tourist-guide.



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