May 21, 2012


Considering the fact that new students need plenty of information about our college in order to adapt properly, I will suggest some activities which would be useful to be taken into account.
First of all, an introductory talk offered in the arrival morning and held at the conference hall would be essential. The speech, given by the headmaster, would cover some information such as college regulations, timetables, teachers and organization staff. Students have to be given a piece of advice about how and when to use the library, the computer room, the sport fields... It would be extremely helpful for the newcomers.

Secondly it would be important to offer leaflets with a map in which there would not only be the situation of the college itself but the village and its surroundings. The pamphlet would be drawn by a school member and specifically designed to the students’ needs. It would include means of transport and schedules.

And last but not least I would consider a meeting with elder school mates. They would chat about local facilities, students societies, clubs an leisure.

In conclusion I think that this orientation weekend would be the best way to achieve a nice security feeling and a quick way to learn about the college life for new residents.

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