Apr 13, 2012


It would be wrong to disagree against a fact recently stated in “The Newspaper Magazine” in which we could read that nowadays we communicate less effectively despite having more means of communication. According to an early research, conducted by Dr. Mackenzie at the American University in Colorado, the study concluded highlighting the great influence technology, social media and mobile devices put into our society nowadays.

Despite adolescents using telephones to achieve goals such as development, which includes socializing with peers, understanding the world or trying on their own identities and acquiring independence, these aims are not always accomplished.

Emails are currently used for different purposes, including work and leisure matters, such as text messages do. These main means of non-attendance conversation are widely spread all over our society. In addition to this, it has been reported that telephone usage, which is absolutely decreasing according to another recent research, dealt among people in their forties.

Unfortunately, it has been demonstrated that written language produced carelessly and in a hurry is easily misunderstanding. It would be natural the recipient to misread it. The advice would be for the speaker to reread it and usually rewrite the message in order to make sure it is properly adequate.

Whereas in a telephone interaction, a meeting or a reunion communication is naturally established by its members, their gestures, stares and body language, which help to maintain a meaningful dialogue. Unfortunately, talking face to face is seen as out of fashion by youngsters and, in addition to this, many people feel uncomfortable and disrupted. They prefer to keep in touch with friends or costumers through screens.

We should not let texting and surfing on smartphones replace dialogue. It would be a pity and particularly a lack of in our relationships.

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