Feb 27, 2012


If I had the choice, I would like to live in a cottage surrounded by unpolluted air and unspoilt countryside. These would be the main conditions to build nest my house in.
I dream up of an idyllic place, dramatic scenery, astonishing views... From each window it would be possible to admire all the different shades of greens combining with the bluish sky and the whiteness of clouds. A tiny shelter placed in the very heart of the nature where the smell and perfumes of the canopy trees and flowers could be perceived.
The most dazzling feature of the place would be the sound of silence, interrupted from time to time by the noises of the birds singing and the little creatures eating, walking, hunting... Now and then I would like to hear from my house the wind blowing, a storm in the middle of the night or the rain falling.
My dwelling would have a porch flanked by two wooden rocking chairs. As you enter from the main door to the hall there's a life-size room, warmly and cosyly decorated. It is ideally furnished with utterly comfortable sofas located in front of a fire-place. There's a huge dinning table with a heavy fruit bowl in the middle. The light and airy kitchen is always neat and tidy.
Upstairs there are the bedrooms. One of them, devoted to sleep, is provided with a big Japanese bed with lots of brightly colored pillows on it. The other one is the library. A quiet place to read, listen to music, paint or... study English!



At June 30, 2012 at 2:00 PM , Blogger Joan Bibiloni said...

Definitely, Miss Coromoto, the house of your dreams is a dream home.

Best Regards:


At July 1, 2012 at 8:46 AM , Blogger Coromoto said...

Thanks a lot Mr Joan. :-)


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